Abstract: This project explores the practice of performers who can play a musical instrument and dance simultaneously. It explores the possibilities for performers trained in contemporary dance and classical music in doing both at the same time to a professional standard.

A historical account of interdisciplinary performance art is given in relation to music and dance. The notion of 'sound is movement, movement is sound' is explored, the term 'mickey mousing' for this practice is questioned and a theory of contrasting ideas in sound and movement portrayed within the one performer is proposed. Practice as research follows the company DIPTIK dance music through their research and development, creation period and performance of DIPTIK #1 in the Resolution! 2015 festival at The Place. Documentary evidence as well as feedback from performers and the audience is taken into account for analysis of the process in creating this work. A comparison is then made with the work of Berlin based dancer-musician Oren Lazovski. The analysis and comparison suggest that it is possible for a dancer-musician to perform both skills simultaneously to a professional standard and that contrasting ideas in music and dance can be performed within a single performer. The need for further practice as research following this line of inquiry is identified for obtaining a greater understanding of individual dancer-musician practice. This project finally provides a potential methodology for such dancer-musician practice and research.



Thank You!


to Laure Genthialon and the DIPTIK team for your amazing work, to Aleks Szram and Sophie Fuller for your guidance, to Oren Lazovski and fellow integrated instrument members for your vision and inspiration and to Ricardo Pereira, Nick Antjoule and my family for your support.