This area of study relates back to the very first instances of interdisciplinary performance art in ancient civilisations. By the 20th century there was a trend towards specialisation where performers chose to perfect one art form. Today some performers are wishing to specialise in more than one art form and perform both simultaneously to a professional standard. DIPTIK provided an opportunity for exploring this practice in dancer-musicians. It provided evidence that while sound is movement, one can perform contrasting sound and movement ideas as though they are two performers in one. This notion was corroborated by Oren Lazovski in his workshops. While DIPTIK was unable to provide enough time for the performers to develop a craft as dancer-musicians, important discoveries were made in devising a methodology for creating a work for such performers. Oren Lazovski too provided a methodology for exploring the full range of possibilities of simultaneous movement and sound in his workshop, the integrated instrument. A combination of methodologies from these two projects may provide a framework for more investigation. This framework would ideally contain:

·      Parallel studies in Music and Dance

·      Body Awareness and Instrument Awareness

·      Performance Language

·      Intent and Purpose

·      Taking Risks

This framework has the potential to produce highly specialised dancer musicians - professional in both fields as well as simultaneously. More practice as research continuing this line of inquiry would benefit aspiring dancer-musicians. A longer research and development period taking individual performers through each of the above points in greater detail would produce a greater understanding of dancer-musician practice and may result in the production of works resembling Lazovski’s Überich, Saudade for dancer-accordionist. Further investigation into how this practice relates to partner and group work is needed. DIPTIK have a commissioned work in their repertoire that can be considered a work in progress. If further insight into dancer-musician practice is applied to this work, plus a longer research and development period to fully explore the score, a truly innovative work could be produced.