Audience Feedback

11 forms returned:


1. What was the best thing about the performance?

·       Freshness, original

·       The humour

·       The choreography

·       The opening sequence (everyone behind the stand, manipulating the speaker)

·       Clarity and form

·       The awkward pause just before the speech

·       I liked the simplicity of the staging that allowed focus on performers and elements of the piece

·       Particularly liked the opening image crowding behind one music stand

Opening image and sequence, clarity, form, humour, freshness, originality, staging, structure, pace


2. Is there anything you think we should leave out

·       you should bring in more substance, less coolness

·       too many silences

·       silences were too long

·       the dance solo towards the end

·       the sax (bass clarinet) at the end

·       the bells – not sure they added anything

·       Slightly less running around with music stands

Lacking substance, silences were too long or unnecessary, the bells, dance solo and clarinet/bass clarinet at the end seemed unnecessary.


3. How could we improve?

·       Choose better candidates, more interesting and true stories

·       More practice

·       Develop ideas more

·       think more about voice and movement

·       Some explanatory narrative

·       More musicians


4. Would you come to a performance by DIPTIK again?

·       Yes 7

·       No 3

·       Unsure 1

More than half of those surveyed would attend a DIPTIK performance again


5. Where did you year about the performance?

·       Internet, social media

·       The Place website

·       On the programme

·       The Place website

·       The Place

·       The Place

·       The Place website

·       Friend recommendation

·       Friend of a performer

·       Resolution Brochure


6. Why did you come/why were you interested?

·       interested in what we had to say as a company

·       Liked the description

·       Came to see Pinch

·       Enjoy modern dance despite not knowing much about it

·       Voice + movement

·       Sufferer of Resolution (festival pass? Discount on many bookings?)

·       Wanted to see all three shows

·       To be amused and confused

·       Interested in theatre and new work that experiments with form

·       already in London, came to quite a lot of resolution


7. Do you have any other comments

·       Thought all of them (performers?) quite boring - dancers shouldn’t act, or if they do they should learn how to do it to be true

·       More music, more dance (movement)

·       18 minutes was too short

·       Seen nothing like this before and did not like it

·       With the structure and pace it was its own entity

·       I didn’t enjoy or understand - this performance was way to out there for my taste

·       Well done really enjoyed

·       Although the idea was original, I’m not sure it really works. It felt like a dance piece with a musician but maybe I misunderstood people’s main skill.


Suggested Improvements:

Better candidates or more acting training was needed for this piece. One audience member did notice that we were under practiced and that more time could have been used. One audience member thought there could be more musicians, perhaps failing to notice that the use of voice and body percussion was the musical aspect. Maybe they wanted to see more musical instruments. Other audience members noticed that there could have been more development with sound and movement combinations, more music, more dance and that the message was unclear. One person said they felt it was a dance piece with one musician, meaning that the dancers were less convincing with their sound production and at least one of the musicians was identifiably less trained in movement. One person thought the piece was too short, again perhaps this means the ideas could be developed further.